Smart Wireless Fuel Monitoring – SMARTank

Historically customers that have fuel on site depend on a float site gauge to measure fuel in a tank or have manually stuck a tank in order to collect a fuel reading. This usually creates a fail point when someone forgets to do this regularly thus creating a run out and forcing equipment and employees to run to the local station.

At Highlands Oil Co. we offer SMARTank, a complete wireless fuel monitoring system that allows you to easily track your fuel. The system provides complete, uninterrupted service, with its own battery powered energy source and cellular connections.

Additional to the monitoring system Highlands Oil Co has trained dispatch personnel monitoring customer fuel trends and consumption. This provides an additional level of service in monitoring and maintaining fuel in customer’s tanks.

  • Historical fuel data that can be used for project management or job costing
  • GPS tracking of tank location to prevent theft
  • Readings on abnormal usage (after hours)
  • Efficient Fuel Management
  • Eliminates Fuel Shortage or Outages
  • Automated Ordering
  • 100% Wireless

Why use smart monitoring?

Never worry about your fuel levels. Fuel replenishment orders are automatically placed.

Easy Installation

Monitors can be installed into a 2-inch long bung on above ground storage tank.

Installation is Free

The monitoring system provides you with an effective and accurate way to track your fuel levels online at anytime. The monitors are provided as a courtesy for being a loyal customer.

Contact our sales team today to evaluate your fuel needs and to develop a plan that is best for your company. We are here for you 24/7, 365 days a year.