Quality Petroleum Products at Competitive Pricing

Highlands Oil Co. Fuel Products:

Product Benefit Value
On Road (Clear Diesel) Clean direct from fuel terminal Ultra low sulfur requirement
Off Road (Dyed Diesel, Farm Fuel, Marine Diesel, Red Diesel) On road tax exemption Ultra low sulfur requirement
90 Octane Recreational Non Ethanol Gasoline: (Rec 90, Non Ethanol, Rec Fuel) Non-ethanol mix Extends life and protects recreational components, 2-cycle and 4-cycle gas engines
Racing Fuels All racing applications High octane fuel
Aviation Gasoline (AvGas) Various airplane and jet fuels Higher octane rating for aviation application
87 Octane E-10 Gasoline Regular 87 Octane Good
89 Octane Mid-Grade Gasoline Mid-Grade 89 Octane Better
93 Octane Premium Gasoline Premium 93 Octane Best

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